Terms and conditions of purchase, Sale or Exchange of goods
Auction, Internet Shop, Private Sale.

When buying from me:
If you are considering a buying or bidding on an item that I have offered I will be happy to communicate via e-mail regarding any questions you may have. I accept payment by personal cheque, postal order, bank transfer, cash  or Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!. In return I will ship immediately (other than cheque unless I have dealt with you before) by the buyers preferred method. You will be responsible for these costs and I will not profit from them. I reserve the right to await clearance of the funds before shipping. As stated above any easy going transactions will ensure future happiness.... I hope.
When I list multiple items at auction and it is not a Dutch auction, then you will pay that one price at the end and get all the items. When the auction ends (also see Bidding Policy below), I will send you an email containing my address. I will send you a reminder and then require you to contact me. Failure to do so results in an NPB (see Non-Paying Bidders (NPB's) further down this page). I will still deal with you after this time, but if after 10 days, and still no contact or payment (unless you supply me with a reason why), I will take matters further.

Suitability of Goods:
You (the buyer) are responsible for ensuring that the Goods are suitable for their intended purpose. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis.

Items description:
Will be in the condition described. Please ALWAYS read the description, look at the photo or ask for one, as I will not be held responsible if you find something wrong or different which is in the description and you did not notice before. If I say the goods are:-
New: These Goods have not been used and may be offered with the manufacturer's warranty, and may be of a 'Retail' type.
In good working condition: Shall have passed all major function testing.
Means they are untested. This means that I have not tested them in any way. I will not sell faulty goods and call them untested just to get rid of them (i.e. If I test it, find it faulty, I will not sell it as "untested". I will sell it as "faulty".). Usually untested means no warranty of any kind, unless I mention it within the description within the auction.
Used: Faults and poor cosmetic condition that exceed ‘normal wear and tear’ shall be included in the description of the Goods.
These Goods shall have no warranty against faulty materials or workmanship. If I know the fault then I will list it.
Grading coins currency books ephemera postcards etc.: Coins have their own grading from very worn to uncirculated and proof. For a detailed description please follow this link. I try to be as fair as possible when grading coins but it is my grading unless otherwise stated. I will not grade as proof or UNC unless I know the source. Please contact robert@nostalgia.ie  before bidding to avoid confusion and problems.

Source: In so far as is possible I will include a description of the source of the item e.g. dealer, house clearance, auction, private purchase, etc.
Age: Although I try to date all items as accurately as possible I may be mistaken and if I am shown to be wrong by a reputable source I will offer a full refund.

By default I will use An Post/SDS  (it may take up to 6 days to get to you in some locations) for shipping heavy items, and An Post standard  for smaller less expensive items. All items will be insured regardless of how much they were in the auction for. All items will go properly packed even if they are sold as faulty, they will all be safely packed and protected from damage. I offer a service via SDS COD, by which they will deliver an item to you t he next day, but please understand that if you require this, you will have to pay for it at cost. If you are outside the Ireland, please inform me as I have to pay more in postage which I will charge onto you, even if it is for a cheap item. I will always ship insured, provided it is possible, even to the USA and other countries. Parcelforce does not insure shipments to the USA and Canada. If you ask me to use FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS or similar, that is fine provided you have an account with them - most of the courier services require you to have an account with them, which I don't. All Postage + Packing is charged at cost, as I do not want to profit on your behalf from the postage. I usually mention the postage in the item description. If you want multiple items please email me for a costing quote. Please understand that it is not just the price of the stamps. I will not be held responsible for An Post charges go and see An Post about it. Please note, it is not just the price of the stamps, there is also the packing materials, so be prepared. I will not charge you any more than what I said originally. Please be aware, that should you wish to return an item to me, I will refund you your money providing, that the terms and conditions within the description of the item(s) have been met. As an example, if "I" state that there is "no warranty" or "guarantee" with the item, and you return it, I am not obliged to give you the money back, unless we come to some arrangement through email. If I do re-pay you (because you didn't like the item, or its not what you thought), I will however remove the cost of the postage that I charged you from the full amount, AND you will be responsible for sending it back to me. I won't be refunding these costs. The only time I refund postage, is when I claim against its insurance, only if it is damaged in some form (i.e. box is dented and computer monitor was damaged in a way that was not mentioned in the listing) or lost.

For generally untested items, the description will always include a warning along the lines of no guarantees given, neither express nor implied. Overall, unless the auction listing explicitly states that an item comes with a guarantee, it doesn't. If we come to some arrangement with items that appear to be faulty (when they have been listed as working only) then I have a return and refund policy.

Returns and refunds:

If I sell you something to which I am wrong in the item description, I will refund you the price you paid for the item(s), providing you return that item to me within 7 days.  Please contact me first!

Auction Feedback:
I will always leave feedback, and it will be appropriate to the conditions to which we have conducted our business. I ask that you do the same, I can not force you to do this but I would appreciate it. I DO NOT like leaving negative feedback. But I will do if you fail to meet the Bidding Policy (listed below).
I will neither discriminate you on your ratings or your feedback. I only ask that if you bid then you follow through with the transaction. I do not end auctions early, so if you want it, bid on it. All auctions are final, if you have any questions please ensure you ask them before bidding, no matter how stupid that you may think they are. Winning bidders should email there address within 5 days of auction close, if you are not sure about completing this sale, email me or

Bidding Policy:
Within 48 hours of the auction ending, you should receive an email from me, stating the item number, how much delivery costs will be (if it all fits into one box, you will only get one postage charge, e.g. if you buy a postcard and a plate, and other items, I will pack them with the plate, and you only pay a set charge depending on the weight of the parcel.) and how much you owe me along with my methods of payment and my address. I will then give you ten (10) days to respond, either by sending me an email or sending payment. I ask that you send a copy of the email to make me aware who I am dealing with, as if you don't, it takes me a while to find out who you are, as you must understand that I may have many auctions going on at any one time. If you respond saying your going on holiday, that is fine by me, enjoy it, but I will require a date for you to contact or  pay me. If you want to pay me before you go away, fine, I can send out the items when you contact me on your return. Failure to provide a good reason or the payment within fifteen (15) days of the auction close, the NPB (Non-Paying Bidder Warning) part one (1) will be issued, and then I will request your details so that I can hopefully call you. I will remove it before I file an Final Value Credit Request Form (FVCR), but I require your payment to clear before I do this. If still no contact fifteen (15) days from the NPB date I will issue a FVCR, and appropriate feedback. I will email you every step of the way. I will let you know when I send payment (if I am buying from you) and when I receive payment (when you are buying from me). I will also let you know when I have dispatched your item(s).

Non-Paying Bidders (NPB's):
I will file a report and leave feedback accordingly, I also reserve the right to pursue out of pocket expenses. I will add you to my blocked bidder/buyer list, and never allow you to bid in one of my auctions again. I will let you only bid in my auctions, if we have come to some agreement. An NPB also will be given out if you purchase the item after the auction has ended, and then contact me via email to say your bid was a mistake, or you now don't want the item, or for any other reason, other than you sending me payment for the item(s).

Claims Under Warranty:
Claims under warranty will only be valid if the terms below have been met. The Goods are faulty or non-compliant. The Goods are safely returned with all original parts, documentation and packaging within the warranty period, and Proof of Purchase is provided if requested. I request that you send it recorded in some means. The Goods have been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and not been misused or damaged. The Goods can be demonstrated by functional tests to be faulty, and not working to the manufacturer’s specification - where applicable. Repair or modification has not been attempted.
Should you wish to return the goods under warranty, please ensure the following: The buyer (you) shall take all reasonable steps to confirm that the Goods are faulty or non-compliant before it is returned under warranty. In particular, you (the buyer) should ensure that hardware and software used in conjunction with the Goods was operating correctly and that the Goods have been installed and set up in accordance with good practice and the manufacturer's recommended procedures. The buyer is asked to contact robert@nostalgia.ie or phone for authorisation of return in advance of returning the goods. The buyer shall bear the cost of safe return of the goods. Goods received back with no valid warranty claim will be subject to a handling charge.

When I am buying from you:
My policies for buying goods are quite simple... I wish to have a pleasant and trouble free experience. In return I offer prompt payment for the total amount including fair postage costs. If I feel that your postage is too high I will ask about having you allow my courier to collect an item. I don't bid for goods that are of no use to me and therefore do not retract bids. If the goods are as stated I am happy. I will pay the seller by personal cheque, business cheque, PayPal, postal order or cash. Success in any deal will ensure future peace, and I may come back to you at any one time. I will also leave you feedback.

We are all human, and if I make a mistake, I will deal with it accordingly. But just because you didn't read these, or that I am selling something less than you, is no reason to send something abusive, or act anything other than sensible.

Please note nostalgia, roberte, robert.hutchison@ul.ie are all trading names used by Robert Hutchison